Jeff Charlebois Bio                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Jeff Charlebois is far from your ordinary comedian. Paralyzed in a tragic car accident, he refused to let life get him down and, instead, he got up... up on stage!

Billed as a “sit down comic who’s always on a roll,” the hysterical, inspiring funny man has been racing around the country in his pinstriped, high-performance wheelchair spreading laughter at numerous clubs, colleges and fundraisers for over twenty years. (Jeff has performed with or opened for a number of well-known comedians including Kevin Nealon, Drew Carey, Tom Dreeson, Joe Rogan, Nikki Glaser, Bobby Lee, Nick Swardson, Iliza Shelsinger just to name a few.)

Originally from Baltimore, Jeff now lives in Los Angeles where he is a regular at the renowned clubs; Comedy Store, The Improv, the Ice House and Laugh Factory. He has been seen on television shows such as “America’s Funniest People” and “1,000 Ways To Die,” which, he hopes, has nothing to do with his comedy profession.

With a quirky, playful, clean sense of humor, Jeff’s unique jokes range from topics of dating, marriage, parents, drinking, life and, of course, his slant on being disabled. (“The other night I got so drunk I could walk!”) The talented little scamp also does a variety of impersonations from celebrities to cartoon characters to singers.

Finally, Jeff keeps an active writing career. Along with creating screenplays, he has recently produced and starred in a sitcom pilot he wrote called “Good Sam” that takes place in a New York City rehabilitation hospital. When he’s not performing, he is the humor columnist for Ability Magazine and has published several books titled Medical Secrets Revealed, Life Is A Funny Thing and Bygone Buffoonery.

Jeff has always understood, “Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way!”