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Jeff has the stuff to succeed even without the disability. Either way, he could have been comedian. It takes a certain attitude, and he has it, in or out of a wheelchair.

The Baltimore Sun

Charlebois relies on some subtle material, intersperses jabs at himself and tries to relax people about his disability. “People sometimes think of folks in wheelchairs as unapproachable,” he says. By taking the heaviness out of how people may view his disability, they can see beyond his wheelchair.

The Hartford Courant

Jeff Charlebois, a comedian, writer, and multi-talented speaker gave the commencement address. He has struggled with his paralysis to regain the ability to not only independently, but find great success. After his accident, the comedian says he took a chance on the stage of a night club, a chance to make people laugh, that changed his life.

The Chronicle-Express

He is serious about one more thing--his comedy. His comedy has brought him more than just attention. Although he didn’t exactly intend it that way, understanding sometimes comes with laughter.

United Press International

Today, Charlebois himself is at ease with his fledgling career as a professional comic. Since it is said that laughter can heal, perhaps he has found his medicine. “I enjoy life more when I am able to laugh a little, stay busy, get out and do things. I don’t want to sit around and feel sorry for myself.”

Dayton Daily News

The wheelchair is not the focus of my humor, it’s pretty hard to ignore,” he says. Growing up he was always the class clown and his sense of humor helped during the dark periods when he feared that he would never walk again. This fear was replaced by writing and performing comedy. It is this focus that gives him a purpose and a lot of happiness.

Associated Press